Full Service Bookkeeping

Comprehensive financial services including accounts payable and accounts receivable.  Monthly bank reconciliations as well as expense tracking and 1099 services.

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Expense Tracking

Gather together your shoe box full of receipts and bank statements.  I'll turn those into an organized report with images you can search.  Use this report to file your own taxes or use your own tax professional to file your taxes.

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1099 -- E-file or print

The IRS requires us to report all payments made to third parties that total $600 or more per year. This means painters, house cleaners, yard service, printers, etc.....

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Support for Realtors & Small Business

Your number ONE job is to prospect. Everything else is my job.

How are you at keeping track of your dollars and cents?

Enjoy a stress-free tax season with none of the hassles of organizing your shoebox of receipts. You will receive a year-end financial package that has all of the information you need to file your taxes.

Save time, money and hassle. Let us take bookkeeping off your hands forever. We know you’re a busy Realtor wearing many hats. Focus on the important stuff and not the tedious daily chore of bookkeeping.



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