About You

You are a good Realtor. That's what you do. If you wanted to be a bookkeeper you would have chosen that as a career instead .

You know what it’s like to be in business for yourself: there are many hats to be worn and you’re the one wearing most – if not all – of them. Some days you do really well. Other days, not so well.

You keep promising yourself you’ll get caught up with the money aspects of the business tomorrow, but then tomorrow comes and someone needs a home.

You love your business, but not the numbers. If you ignore the numbers you're running without a map and compass.

Don't get lost.. Whether you're an experienced mega agent or just starting out … My simple approach to bookkeeping will get you and keep you on track so you always know where you are and more importantly, where you're going,

Meet Susan

I began my bookkeeping career 30 years ago by marrying a contractor. Talk about baptism by fire!  He needed help to know where the money was coming from and going to.  Just in that first year, I increased the firm's billings by 25% just by tracking the crew's time.  Besides the on-the-job training, I expanded my skill set with classes and seminars. Realtors, florists, and churches have been among my clients since then.  I look forward to helping you get a handle on your money.

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Susan Van Wig

Founder & CEO

Thank you for placing your trust in me.

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